Thursday, November 1, 2012

Juniper Box- October 2012 Review- Monthly Subscription service for your period...Make Sure you Have A Happy Period

It's 2012, we all have better things to do with our time than running to the corner store to get a box of tampons. It is such a hassle! We have to take time out of our busy days to get to the store, cross our fingers that the store will have our brand, and then nonchalantly pay, hoping the check-out clerk won't say something dumb. This is a broken experience, and we are SO over it.

Introducing Juniper, a monthly care package service thoughtfully put together and sent to you before your period starts. The package includes a customized pack of tampons, and gourmet treats for you to indulge. Say goodbye to those last minute panic shopping sprees.
Juniper is a tampon and treats subscription aiming to redefine the monthly period experience for women. Juniper wants to turn a woman's period each month from a cause of stress into an occasion for pampering

When I heard about Juniper I was sooo excited, I mean all fashionistas need to be pampered during that time of the month but as we all know...A man is going to run and hide not pamper so I thought this is perfect. I just received my first box and it so much more than I expected. Now, on to the fun part.....

The Box: Juniper

The Cost: $28 monthly (inc.shipping)

The Products: Tampons and treats

This was truly an awesome treat!! You can tell so much thought went into the packaging as well!!

This is your box of tampons. You get to choose which brand you want!

This is really cool. As you can see in the picture above there is a seal on the box. The seal has a phone number on it and when its time to break the seal you send them a text. Now, they have the approx. time when your period begins and then your boxes will come in plenty of time for the start of your next period...

 Love the cute silk bag, These can be repurposed. I was dying to see what was inside this bag...surprises inside of surprises....Gotta love it!!

The bag had pads, panty liners and midol!! It actually makes these items exciting!!

This is your bag of goodies!!

Allegro Tea (3 bags)- Relaxing Chamomile, Peaceful Slumber, and Queen Bee Balance

Honey Stix (3 sticks)- Pumpkin Blossom, Clover, and Cinnamon

Hagensborg Truffle Pig'lets (2 snack size bars)- Dark chocolate and Milk chocolate

The tea is great and I really love the honey stixs, I had actually got some of the honey stix in one of my Love with food boxes so when I saw these were in my box I was really excited!! The truffles are really good too!!

Nibmore Drinking Chocolate ( 1- 1.05oz pack)

Donsuemor Madeleines- (1 pack)- 3 cakes

OMG....The Madeleines were my favorite!! I am in love with these, I've already searched for them online so I can order some more...Incredible!!  The drinking Chocolate, I have not had a chance to try this yet but I am planning on having a warm cup after I take a shower tonight so I will get back to you on it.

Chocolove Chocolate (1 bar)- 3.2oz

Oh I have not broke into this bad boy yet....I didn't want to have to share this one so I hid it away and I am waiting so I can enjoy this one by myself !!!

Verdict: I love this box!! I know this is going to be one of my favorites and I think the value far exceeds the cost. This is something every woman deserves and should do for themselves. We take care of our kids and husband and even our parents in a lot of cases Now, It's time we take care of ourselves!! Your period does not have to be stressful or miserable, with the Juniper box it can be a happy time! So, come on an pamper yourself....It's your time!!

***Some or all info in this post came from the Juniper site.


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