Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Juniper Box Review- November 2012- Monthly Subscription Box for your Period....

This Is Juniper's 2nd box. They are a new subscription service for your period and believe me they have set the bar VERY high for all other's!! You can see my review of the 1st box HERE. I love this box, when I saw their first box I was very suprised at what all was in the box, how well it was packaged and how they customize the box to fit each persons needs and wants!! I really didn't think it could get any better and then..... the November box came....WOW!! That's the best word I can find to describe this months box. Now, on to the good stuff!!

The Box:  Juniper

The Cost: $28 monthly (inc.shipping)

The Products: Tampons and Treats

This is the box that the tampons are in. As you can see there is a seal on it with a number. When it is time to break the seal you text your BFF ( which is your personal friend that makes sure you get what you want, when you need it) When they get your text they now know when your period has begun and can assure your next box arrives in plenty of time for your next cycle.

This is what is inside the box. It will come with which ever brand you choose as well as different sizes.

This is your bag with the little extras we usually need during "that time of the month"

This is what was in my bag. It has overnight pads, light absorbency pads, panty liners, and Midol. Now, keep in mind if you need more panty liners and less over night pads or more midol...You decide! Just let your BFF know and she will hook you up!

Now, this is my favorite part....This is the goodie bag. It's filled with the best artisan chocolates, snacks, teas to help you sleep and relax etc... (See below for the contents of the goodie bag)

Pukka Teas (3 bags)- Three ginger, Love, and Night time

BeeKind Honey Sticks (3 sticks) - Pumpkin, Vanilla Chai, and Wildflower

I love the teas, they all are awesome and I have received the honey sticks in several different boxes and I am so happy when I see them. They are awesome and a nice little treat to go along with your tea!

Torn Ranch Sugar Cinnamon Pecans- ( 1 package)

Torn Ranch Dried Cranberries ( 1 package)

I don't know where these guys find the snacks they put in the boxes but they always have the best ones and I   have found many snacks that I had never heard of before and they have became some of my favs! The sugar cinnamon pecans..omg...they are incredible and I have never been a fan of cranberries before but these are amazing!!

Marich Triple-Chocolate Toffee (1 package)

Amazing, Awesome, Incredible and Decadent....Not to much more I can say about these babies!!

Bare Fruit Fuji Apple Chips ( 1 bag)

Nicobella Pumpkin Chai Truffle ( 1 )

There was already so many goodies in the goodie bag, there wasn't room for these. The apple chips are soooo good and the truffle.... There's not words for how good it is!!

Verdict: I love my Juniper Box!! It is defintely worth every penny and this is a box that every women should treat herself to!! There's no reason that we shouldn't be pampered during "that tme of the month" and Juniper offers that and more!! The value far exceeds the cost and I actually look forward to my period now because I know when it's time for it to start, It's time for my Juniper Box!!

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  1. This is the cutest concept for a subscription service! Looks like a lot of fun :)