Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Black Bag Review....

Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag is my new obsession!! This is the most addictive and fun monthly subscription service I have found and you guys know I try to review them all for you, so to say this is one of my favorites is really saying alot!! The way this works is you first choose between the $29 or $49 bag. The $49 has all the items you can pick from the $29 bag has alot of good jewelry and stuff like that but as far as handbags go you don't really get much of a choice but that is not a big deal because you still have a chance to get what ever you want. How you ask? Well, Once you choose the amount, it then takes you to the gallery. You get to choose your first item and then the stylist will pick 1-3 more items based on your bag price and style. Plus they have bonus items all the time which you get on top of the other items. If you get the $49 bag you have atleast $100 worth of items and atleast $50 with the $29 bag. Now, after the stylist picks your other items then the fun really begins. You get to trade with everybody that has an open bag even the $29 bags get to swap items with the $49 bags. It is sooo much fun!! I started out with 3 items that worth over $100 and ended up with 2 items that were still over $100. I got a necklace and earrings they both were nice and I would've been happy if I ended up with the same items. But there was this one necklace I was dying for and it was worth about the same as both of the items I traded for. When I got my box and opened it I was sooo very happy, the items are much better than the pictures showed. Now on to the good stuff!!

This was my first item, the one I picked. These pictures DO NOT do this beauty justice. It is so amazing in person!! I have received soooo many compliments! This is a Olivia & Joy bag. The retail price if I bought it from their web site would have been a little over $100!! I am in love with this bag!

This is the necklace I traded for. I love it!! Again, the pictures do not do this justice! It is incredible and so on trend right now. If I had bought this from the guess site or dillards etc... It would have cost me $35!! So I paid $49 and received about $140 worth of stuff and not just stuff but amazing items that I would have paid full price for and that I am in love with!

I have already opened another bag and I have 4 products in it right now. I picked another amazing handbag and I have a bracelet, earrings and a beauty product. I did have a necklace too but I made a 2 for one trade so I could get the awesome bag I really wanted. It was not available anymore and I was determined to get it!! The necklace I traded along with another handbag I really wasn't in love with was not my style and I did not like it so I am extremely happy right now. You also have another option. Say you love everything you get from the get go you don't have to wait the 3 days trading period for the $29 bag or the 7 day trading period for the $49 bag, You can go ahead and click to close and ship your bag right then!! You have got to try this out at least once but beware it is super fun and addictive!! Click Here now to get started!!

So what do you think about Little Black Bag? Is this something you would try out? Let me know what you think!!

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