Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Russell Organics Argan Oil Review....

Argan Oil - 1 fl ozRussell Organics

Hey Fashion Bugs! I have a really awesome product for you guys today! I have had several of you ask me what my favorite product is and/or my #1 beauty secret. Well, I am going to tell you. It is Argan Oil. This is the single most important product I use and always have. I use it on my hair, skin and nails. There is nothing better!! My favorite brand of Argan Oil is Russell Organics Argan Oil. They have the highest quality level of Argan Oil on the market. Russell Organics sources it's eco-cert organic oil using the highest standards.  It has been featured in countless media outlets, the Russell Organics Argan Oil has become the gold standard for pure Argan Oil.

Only the purest Argan Oil can stand alone without fillers, masking, or additives. Only pure Argan Oil in the jar offers the fantastic benefits available from use.Russell Organics Argan Oil is toxin free, it contains only %100 pure Argan Oil. There's nothing else in the jar. No Toxins. No Additives. Russell Organics is Cruelty Free, Vegan. They are Certified Cruelty Free and Certified Vegan.

I love how versatile this beauty superstar is! It can be used on hair as a conditioner and scalp treatment, on skin as a moisturizer, and on nail beds as a nail oil. No other beauty product can be used in this way. It is also very cost effective, with only a few drops needed per use. Lastly the convenience of Russell Organics Argan Oil is awsome! It is available in a convenient 2 fl oz size container, It can be carried on a flight as it meets TSA travel requirements.

 This is my secret weapon and has helped more far more than beauty products that cost over $100 and Russell Organic Argan Oil doesn't even come close to that! At only $19 for a 1oz bottle you won't find anything that compares and a little goes along way so a 1oz bottle will last you along time! If you are new to this product the best way to use this is to start with just a few drops and adjust more or less based on your hair, skin, and nail requirements. You can go Here and purchase your own now. I highly recommend this product but trust me when I say not all Argan Oil is created equal. I have tried many and done my research and Russell Organics is the BEST on the market!!

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