Monday, November 5, 2012



From Reader Michelle Fisler Troy

Hi my name is Michelle, i live in Middletown NJ. My home town has been directly devastated by Hurricane Sandy. I have been trying to get a few people whose blogs I follow for couponing to donate some stuff. A lot of people have lost everything, it's just hard to imagine that within a moment in time, you have nothing. I know so many people that have ,thankfully, evacuated, took items for a few days, only to return to their homes in shambles....some returning to no home at all. I have only been through Belford (my hometown) and Port Monmouth (where i work) and it's absolutely devastating...words can't even begin to tell the tale of what these people are going looks like a war zone. The streets are lined with their personal items and debris from their homes. Trucks and cars are parked everywhere with people trying to help as much as they can, people are just , simply put,

I am more than thankful that my home, my family, my neighborhood is ok and restored with power, 2 miles from me is Hell on earth. They are in need of so much right now, that anything at all will help someone who has nothing. Some items needed are:
* toiletries of all kind adult and baby
*baby diapers, wipes, bottles
* medical supplies...aspirins,band-aids
*soap, hand sanitizer
*masks( they are breathing in mold at this point)
*dog food, cat food
* white socks
*disposable hand /boot warmers
* toothbrushes/ toothpaste

As a member of this community I have thought of ways that I can help, and thought it would be wonderful if couponers pulled together and pulled from their personal stockpiles to help those in need. Items would be sent to local distribution center, I wouldn't even be able to know what was sent, but if any of your fans could help it was be a blessing. I am not a non profit organization, just a woman trying to use all available resources to help my community rebuild their lives.

If you could help in any way possible, you can pack a few items in a medium flat-rate box and ship it to Croyden Hall, this is our local distribution center, I will be helping sort as much as I can there.
We are Jersey Strong! We will overcome, but looking for donations from anyone who is a position to help. Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!!
Prayers and love to you all....

Donations can be sent to our local distribution center in Middletown Township
Croyden Hall
900 Leonardville rd.
Leonardo NJ 07737

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