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Rosa Y Fruta Exotic Organic Skin Care Review

Hey Fashion Bugs! I have some exciting skincare products to share with you today. I have been using them now for Approx. 2 weeks and I am in love! My skin feels so good and I love the glow this had given me. So, What are these incredible skincare products I am talking about? They are from the Rosa Y Fruta Exotic Organic Skincare line.  First, let me start by telling you a little about Rosa Y Fruta Exotic Organic Skincare and then I will tell you about the products I received and have been using.

Rosa Y Fruta was created from a passion for rare and beautifying ingredients from around the world. After importing and trying literally hundreds of ingredients,  the Rosa y Fruta collection was created only using the best of the best from them all. Their main criteria when selecting ingredients are that they are the highest standard of purity, soothing for even the most sensitive skin types, have research supporting the effectiveness, and incredibly beautifying to the skin!  Their daily products are unscented and essential oil free because daily use of essential oils on the face can cause sensitivities. Essential oils should only be used 1-3 times a week as a skin boost.

With Rosa y Fruta  you will indulge your skin with exotic ingredients like White Camellia Seed Oil from Asia ( Known as the "beautification oil" and a Geisha's secret to flawless skin and lustrous hair.), Pomegranate antioxidant ( the fruit of passion) just to name a few.  Rosa Y Fruta's  highest intention is to bring you the most exquisite gifts for your skin, so you can look and feel your best. The ingredients in Rosa Y Fruta are formulated with love, and will nourish, lavish, and illuminate!

Rosa y Fruta products are free of parabens, dioxins, Sulfate cleansers, synthetic colors, and fragrances. They are committed to bringing you the safest and most nourishing ingredients for your skin and spirit!

What I received: 

Ambrosia de Rosa Face Mask & Scrub-

This was probably my absolute favorite product. This is the Ambrosia de Rosa Face Mask & Scrub. OMG, This has to be one of the best ever facial mask & Scrubs, I have ever used! The first thing I noticed was the scent, It is incredible! It is infused with heavenly Rose Bourbonia Oil, which is the rarest, most deliciously fragrant of all the rose oils. Rose is the scent of love! A precious oil that takes hundreds of petals to make just a few drops of rose oil. Most rose oils are solvent extracted (called absolutes), or diluted with less expensive " rose like" oils such as rose geranium and rosewood. A few high quality rose oils are steam-distilled (called ottos). Ambrosia de Rosa, is a rare and precious oil, made by a pure extraction method by master artisans in India.  The result is a full extraction, much more concentrated than steam distilled ottos. Rosa Y Fruta is the only skin care company to import this precious rose oil full extraction. Rose has the highest vibration of all essential oils and is considered a heart oil, increasing ones sense of love, well-being, and joy!

The precious essential oil is combined with:

  • Rosa y Fruta's luscious anti-aging cream base
  • Rose Jojoba Beads: gently exfoliate without disturbing skin's protective mantle
  • Willow Bark Extract : enhances cell turnover, antimicrobial, safe, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing. Willow Bark Extract is natural beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) which works mainly as an exfoliant, as well as having analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory properties. As an exfoliate, it causes the cells of the epidermis to become "unglued" allowing the dead skin cells to slough off, making room for regrowth of new skin. BHA is reported to improve wrinkling, roughness, and mottled pigmentation of photo damaged skin. BHA is also a lipid (oil) soluble,which means it's able to penetrate into the pore which contains sebum and exfoliate the dead skin cells that are built up inside the pore. BHA and AHA's can increase sensitivity to the sun, so make sure to use full spectrum sun protection during the day. Willow Bark Extract also acts as a replacement to synthetic salicylic acid because of it's salicylic like materials but without the irritation. 
  • Rose Clay: a non-drying mild kaolin clay that can be used on all skin types including sensitive, to gently cleanse, purify, and exfoliate while improving the skins circulation. 
  • Sea Kelp Bioferment: deeply nourishing to the skin with a super high concentration of vitamins and skin tightening benefits.
I have been using this 20 mins. a day, 3 times a week for two full weeks now and I can believe the difference it has made in my skin!! It is definitely tighter, the fine lines around my eyes and far less noticeable, and my skin has the healthiest glow! It also feels so good to touch. I don't think my skin has felt this smooth and silky since I was in my early teens.( don't ask how long ago that was..lol) Before using this, I was really starting to notice my skin drying out, which I have not had a bad problem with but for whatever reason it was getting really dry and dull looking but I swear, with just 3 20 min. uses for 2 weeks now, it has made an incredible difference! I can't wait to see and feel my results after a full 30 days of use. I definitely recommend this for everyone and as you can read above this really is for everyone, regardless of skin tone or type. It is made with pure and natural ingredients! Have sensitive skin? No worries, this product is for you as well. Just make sure to wear a full spectrum sun screen during the day because of the BHA and the AHA's which can cause sensitivity to the sun! 

They also sent me some samples of the Lustre Exoctica Face and eye cream, Nectar de passion Night serum, Camelia Blanca Cleansing cream, Camelia Blanca Cleansing Oil, and the Pomegranate Organic seed Oil. These were all 1-3 usages so some of them that take 2 weeks to 30 days to really start seeing results, I can't really tell you what they would be however, I can tell you bout the application, etc....

Lustre Exotica Face and Eye cream- This is a luscious unscented cream that allows your make-up to glide on like never before! Your ultimate all-in-one super natural luxury cream. This is the perfect product for you if your looking for simplicity- a multi function product used day & night for face and eye. It's also a hydration treatment, brightener, antioxidant boost, vitamin c serum and toner/tightener. It leaves your skin feeling silky, radiant, and gorgeous! I really enjoyed using this one alot! My makeup went on a lot smoother and my skin really did look radiant! I will definitely be buying the full size version of this! It is also excellent for all skin types, certified organic and eco-cert approved ingredients, essential oil and fragrance free, free of parabens, SLS, dioxin releasing ingredients... click the link above to read more of the benefits etc...

Camelia Blanca Cleansing Creme- This is an anti-aging cleanser. Cleansing creme is an exotic blend of Camelia Blanca Cleansing Oil infused with their signature lustrous creme, Lustre Exotica. Resulting in a soft, clean face and leaving it ultra hydrated.  I really liked this cleanser a lot! It worked very well, removing all my makeup and the other dirt and oils hidden all over the face and it did not dry my skin out at all! It is really incredible how moisturized my skin felt after cleansing it with this product. I didn't feel like I needed to use a moisturizer at all! This is another one I would recommend to everyone! I really, really like this one a lot. I want to get this full size in this one also.

Camelia Blanca Cleansing Oil- Camelia Blanca Cleansing Oil is the most effective makeup remover you will use and a beautifying cleansing oil that rinses completely clean without stripping the skin of it's protective mantle or changing the ph and leaving no oily residue! I liked using this on my eye makeup, and boy it just melted it off with no problem! I have never used another eye makeup remover that worked anywhere close to as well as this one did and unlike other oils, it didn't leave that oily or greasy feeling. I like using the cleansing creme on my face as a regular all over cleanser and then I prefer using this cleansing oil as a makeup remover! It is incredible! Highly recommend!!

Pomegranate Organic Seed Oil- A super antioxidant, Pomegranate contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothes and are loaded with powerful anti-oxidants that boost collagen, elasticity, and suppleness. When this is applied at overnight, Pomegranate Nectar increases collagen, repairs skin from UV Radiation, and soothes inflammation. I mixed this with the Lustre Exotica day and night creme ( It stated you on their site that you could do that) and my skin was exceptionally soft and radiant! I absolutely loved this!! Think Argan Oil....It has that same consistency but offers more benefits! This also makes an excellent decollete and hand oil! This was probably my 2nd most favorite product out of them all and believe me that's not easy to say because they all are pretty amazing!!


Nectar de Pasion Night Serum- This is a light gel serum with super powers! This is a highly advanced night repair serum with a blend of Pomegranate extract, Kinetin (plant derived growth factor), a high dose of stable Vitamin C and Sea Kelp Bioferment that squelches free radicals, boost collagen, increases elasticity and suppleness, hydration, and reduces wrinkles with continued use. This is excellent for all skin types, essential oil and fragrance free, free of parables, SLS, synthetics, dioxin releasing ingredients, and it has soothing and powerful results! I really like this Night Serum. Even the most driest skin couldn't compete with this super serum. It is highly effective with hydrating your skin....My face, as I stated before, has never looked or felt so moisturized and hydrated as well as it's never had this kind of glow! I couldn't be more pleased with the short term and immediate effects of these products. Like I stated the last 5 products I have mentioned were samples which contained approx 3 uses. So, as far as long term results that you would achieve with continued use, I can't really tell you but by the look and feel of the immediate and short term results....I could only imagine how amazingly incredible it would be!! I do plan on purchasing the complete line of these products because I am so impressed with the results I have achieved thus far!! I will update you on my results after continued use! I would highly recommend these products to each and everyone of you guys and I know you too, will as impressed and happy as I am! If you would like to sample these products, they have a sample kit available, containing 4 products in the sizes I received for only $5 dollars!!

This is the classic collection sample kit. Click Here for more details and to order yours now! Also, stay tuned...I have another review coming up on another amazing product from Rosa y Fruta and one of my lucky winners are going to win the same full size product that I will be reviewing! Trust me Fashion Bugs, You will NOT want to miss out on that!

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***These products were sent to me, free of charge,  for the purpose of a honest review. All opinions are my own! 


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