Monday, March 11, 2013

Beauty Army Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

Box: Beauty Army 

The Products: 6 Full Size and Deluxe samples delivered to your door every month! ( You get to choose your own samples and you can skip the month anytime you want to and/or cancel anytime you want!)

The Cost: $12 monthly, Includes Shipping!

Dermisa Skin Fade Cream- Full Size! Value- $14

I have a sun spot on my face that I have been trying to treat off and on for a while now and this product is much more gentle while still effective! This formula moisturizes very well and has a fairly pleasant scent, compared to other skin lightening products I have used in the past, I would definitely recommend this product to everyone that needs to even out their skin tone, remove sun spots, etc... Very affordable! Can't wait to see the results after another couple of weeks. Will update you all then!

Boo-Boo Covers- Deluxe Sample- Value- $5

These are really cool! I had never heard of them before now. They are like temporary tattoos for your face. They blend in with your skin tone, you wear your makeup over them to had imperfections ( scars, dark spots, cut, whatever...) They are virtually invisible and hide anything you want them to. I love them!! They are 100 % water proof  but come off very easily with baby oil. I recommend these to anyone that wants to hide some flaw from time to time...Acne, acne scar, dark spots....You can use them on other parts of your body as well. Going on a job interview and want to hide that tattoo? Got a nasty cut on your hand? Boo-Boo covers are perfect! They come in three different shades and you can even layer them if needed to match your skin tone exactly and to assure even the nastiest flaws or cuts get completely covered! You can get a full size box of them for $19.99 which will last for a long time!!

Enspri Ultra Collagen 5-min. Facial- 1 Application- Value- $3

Yes To Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towelette- 1 Facial Towelette- Value- $0.20

I am in love with the Enspri Facial Mask....Possibly the best mask I have ever used!! With this mask you mix the two products together, which is very easy and not messy at all. This comes with the Vital Hydrator and r\the 100% Pure Collagen powder. You mix the two together, put it all over your face and neck for 10 mins and then rinse off. I just can't out into words how amazing my skin felt and looked afterwords. This 2-piece product mask is $99 for the 2 full size products ( mixing tools included) but it is truly worth the price! This is at the very top of my wish list!

I love Yes To products and this was no exception. If completely removes all makeup, does not try your skin out, has a very pleasant scent and is biodegradable not to mention super affordable! Only $6 for the Full Size package of 30 towelettes. I would highly recommend this!

Whip Hand Camo Collection Loose Pigment Eye Shadow- Deluxe Size- Value- $7

This is the 4th and final color in this exclusive Camo Collection. This collection was a collaboration with Beauty Army and Whip Hand Cosmetics. Each month for the last 4 months they introduced a new color from this collection to the Beauty Army members. I made sure to get this every month. This is one of the best Loose pigment Eye Shadows I have ever used! The colors for this collection was amazing and very versatile  perfect for all skin tones! The last of the collection is called Medal of Honor and boy, what a fitting name for this incredible color. This is the most beautiful Shimmering gold I have ever seen! I am definitely going to be buying the full size set however, there is actually so much product in these deluxe sizes ( approx. half of the full size) that it will still be a little while yet before I am out. I was thinking about going ahead and purchasing the full size kit and then just using these for travel. I would love to try some other cosmetics from Whip Hand and will update you if I do!

The Olive Bar Lemon & Lavender Soap

Deluxe Sample size! Value- $3

I loved the packaging on this so much, I just had to show you!

I really loved this soap! It is non drying, moisturizes very well, the scent is amazing! Very relaxing, thanks to the lavender in it! I am usually not a soap girl but I must admit...This is really incredible and does not have any of the typical characteristics that soap has! I would really love a full size bar of this!

Verdict: I paid $12 for this box and received $32.20 worth of products! I love the value that I always get out of this box and I always love what I get because I get to choose my own samples! I can always count on Beauty Army to introduce me to new brands and new products from brands I already know and trust! I love the control I get with this box. Although I have never skipped a month since signing up, I love knowing the option is there if I need it as well as the option of canceling which I will never do. The customer service is really amazing! When selecting my products for my March box, I realized about 10 mins, later that I confused two of the products and picked the wrong one. I sent a message through Facebook to see if there was anything I could do and within 30 mins. I had a reply telling it was taken care of and the one I really wanted would be in my box! I mean...WOW! You don't find customer service like that anymore! I have nothing at all negative to say about Beauty Army, I am completely happy and can't wait for my selection window to open up every month! Definitely recommend this box to any and everyone! This would make the perfect gift also!

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So, what do you think about this box? What did you get in your Beauty Kit?


  1. I want to try out those boo-boo cover ups and the pigments look amazing! I have went on Beauty Army and set up a profile but I never like anything that they select for me I think you pick 6 out of the 12....I will keep trying hehe

  2. I got the pigment and the soap loved them both! Also got the macadamia hair mask, Argan oil shampoo, hydro cool eye gels and ineke hothouse flower perfume. I loved everything I got.
    And Sheena if you refresh the page or retake the profile survey it will display different samples. I just kept refreshing until I got what I wanted lol.