Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Glossy Box Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

The Box: Glossy Box

The Products: 5-6 Full Size and Deluxe Luxury Samples delivered to your door monthly!

The Cost: $21 monthly, includes shipping!

*** I get 2 boxes some months, this month being one of them so I am going to review both boxes in this one post!

Nail Rock Nail Wraps- Full Size! Value- $8

I love the Nail Rock nail wraps but not digging the design I got. This is the United Kingdom Flag, just not something I would really rock. It's black and gold does not have any white as is shown in the picture, would look much better if it did! However, I have tried these before and love them! They are easy to apply and if applied correctly will last up to 2 weeks! They also have some really awesome designs, this just wasn't one of them!

BVLGARI Parfumee Au The Blanc Soap- 2 oz- Value- $12

OMG! This is the best scent I have ever smelled in my entire life!! I will definitely be getting the perfume, lotion, and candle in this scent as well! The minute you started to take the top off the box, you could smell this heavenly scent! This soap is ultra moisturizing!! I love everything about it and I am sooo glad I got 2 boxes this month! I highly recommend this to everybody! The Full Size in this soap is $30 but it is 5.3 oz and comes in a plastic container to keep it from getting all gooey in the shower! I am getting this for sure!

LISI Cosmetics Color Glaze- Full Size! Value- $7

I can not believe that I have not heard of these cosmetics until now! The quality is incredible and the prices are just unreal for this kind of quality. Everyone either got a Color Glaze lip gloss or an eyeliner. I was so excited to see I got both. With my luck I was expecting to get two lip glosses or two eyeliners but I guess you could say the Luck of the Irish was on my side this time! ( Hehehe...get it...St. patty's Day....luck of the Irish....Yeah... never mind)  Anyway's, The color I received is awesome! I love it! It is called 4-Square. They also have a lot of other amazing colors I would like to try out and at this price....I can!

Evologie E System- Trial Kit- Value- $15

I am excited to get this in my box this month. I have heard a lot of amazing things about these products and the reviews are just phenomenal!! I will update you once I try this out!

Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Eye shadow - Full Size! Value- $15

Another new brand that I am in love with! You can not possibly see the shimmer and beauty of these shadows in pictures but it is amazing! Highly pigmented, last all day, and the quality is unbelievable!! Definitely recommend!!

Verdict: I paid $21 for this box and received $57.00 worth of products! I always love my Glossy boxes! They always have great value and top shelf products! They always offer a great mix of products and I love the majority of what I get! Definitely recommend this box to everyone! Very fun and exciting!

2ND Glossy Box from February!

This is my second box from Glossy Box for February!

Nail Rock Nail Wraps- Full Size! Value- $8

So, I do like this one better than the first one but I wish they like the one in the picture, with the bigger animal print rather than the little tiny print but I will still rock these!

BVLGARI Au the Blanc Perfume Soap- 2 oz- Value- $12

Yeah....another one of these amazing smelling soaps!

Evologie E System- Trial Size- Value- $15

Don't mind at all having another one of these however, this will probably go to one of you guys in a giveaway!

LISI Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner- Full Size! Value- $7

I really like this eye liner! I don't usually do liquid eyeliner and I definitely would not typically buy this color for myself but I am glad this product was included because I need to get out of my comfort zone some with different shades of makeup, especially eye makeup. I am excited to experiment with this and I can't wait to create some fun looks with this!

Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Shadow- Full Size! Value- $15

I love this eye shadow as I described before. I love both shades I received. The first one was Bronze this one is my favorite, it's called Lava. I have never seen another shade like this one anywhere! It is a beautiful brownish color with blue/green sparkles in it. I can't wait to wear this one. I think it will be perfect with my eye color. I have blue eyes and I wear a lot of browns and neutrals and I think this with the tiny blue/green sparkles in it will really go well with my eye color. I will update you on it and take a picture with it on so you can see. I recommend this color for anyone though. Regardless on your skin tone or eye color, I think this is a really beautiful universal color!

Verdict: The cost of this box is $21 and received $57.00 worth of products. As I stated above I love Glossy Box! I have been very happy with them all up to this point! I think the monetary value is definitely worth the cost but more than that I think this box is worth the cost just trying out different products, a lot of which I probably would've never bought for myself but ended up falling in love with! Between these two boxes this month I received $114.00 worth of products, all of which I love....well, except for the design of the nail wraps in the 1st box but hey...That's nothing compared to what all I got that I really, really love!  Don't keep missing out on this awesome box! Sign up now!! Just click Here and if you go ahead and sign up now you can still March's Box!!

So what do you guys think about these boxes?  What was your favorite product in your glossy box for February?

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  1. Great boxes this month! Every Glossy Box review I see of yours makes me want one more and more....still holding out but barely resisting lol!