Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Juniper Box Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Subscription Box Plus Get a Free Box

The Box: Juniper

The Products: Tampons, pads, midol, and treats! ( Luxury pampering box for that time of the month)

The Cost: $28 monthly, includes shipping!

First of all, you pick whatever brand of tampons and/or pads, panty liners that you want! This box is totally customizeable, you are in control! I chose U by Kotex tampons. They arrive in either a white or gold box, like the one pictured above. The box will come sealed by a sticker that has your Juniper "BFF" number on it. When your "Aunt Flo" comes for a visit, you simply send a text to your Juniper "BFF" and she tracks your period for you! How awesome is that, right? So, you will never be without what you need, when you need it!  They include more than enough tampons in your box and they also include all absorbency's! After you get your first box, if you see that maybe you need more of the super absorbency, you just send a message to your BFF and she will make sure your next box includes what "You" need!

Next up, You will see a gold satin bag. This has all your extra's in it! See below to find out what my "extra's" include!

Yeah, you guessed it! This is where your pads, panty liners, and Midol will be. Again, you can customize this to "your" needs! Maybe you need more panty liners and less pads or more midol and less panty liners....Whatever you need, you just let your "BFF" know. All packages come standard with 4 midols, If you do need this, let them know and they can replace with more product. However or whatever your needs are, you just let them know and they will make sure you have everything you need!

Next up you will a see a organza bag, this is my favorite!! This is your goody bag!! This is where all the delicious treats will be every month! Each month is different. They always find the best artisan chocolates and gourmet treats out there!!

This was the first thing I noticed this month, a little special Valentine's Day gift! It is a book of finger nail files! I LOVE IT!! This is so cute, I have already tossed them in my makeup bag, inside my purse. I also love that they filled the front out. Juniper is always notorious for the special touches and the care that is put into these packages! This really made my day!

The next thing I noticed was this cute little canister of mints! They are called "Mirror Mints" because their is an awesome mirror attached inside this box of mints....perfect for my handbag! The mints are amazing also! So, when your on a date and it's getting time for a smooch, you can take out your mints, pop one to freshen your breath and check out your lips and make sure they are ready for landing!! I love this! This is from make sure to check out all their other awesome little stuff!!

I had to show you what the inside of this looks like!! My picture didn't come out well, as you can tell, the quality of all my pictures are horrible because I just dropped my camera when I was just starting to take pictures of all my stuff tonight. It was a total loss!! So, until I can get another camera I am having to use my phone! Please forgive the bad quality!! BUT Check this out!! This is the coolest thing since sliced bread! I LOVE IT!! You just slide the top to the side and voila! Your mirror is right there and you have a little opening at the top left, as you can see, where you just empty out a mint in your hand....I love this, it is so cute!! I told you Juniper, always finds the coolest treats to but in our boxes!!

This is one of my favorites when "Aunt Flo" is here and Juniper always includes them. These are the tea's and the awesome Honey Sticks!! I don't know how they do it, but they always find the best, most unique tea's ever! These are from Harney & Son's. The flavors included are: Tilleul, Paris, and Pomegranate Oolong. These are amazing! Some of the best teas I have tried. Very calming and relaxing! Just what we need during that time of the month! Juniper also always includes 3 honey sticks, always different incredible flavors! I love these so much and they are perfect for your tea!! The flavors included this month are: Strawberry, Raspberry, and Sour Cherry! These are from Anna's Honeys. (Make sure to click on the link for Anna's Honey and check all the other awesome products they have!)

Oh Good Lawd!! This was soooo good I almost ordered another box just to get another one of these babies!! This is Clarine's Florentines. It is a thinly sliced almond brittle on bittersweet chocolate and it is one of the best things I have ever eaten! Hey....that is saying a lot because I love to eat!! You have to try this, I am definitely going to order some more!

OH YEAH! First up, we have Marich Chocolate Strawberries . These are awesome!! In another box they included a pack of these in triple chocolate toffee...yum, yum....I still dream about those and now I am having dreams about these Chocolate strawberries....So, very good! They also have milk chocolate almonds, I hope will be included in a future box....I am dying to try those! ( hint*hint* nudge*nudge, hoping Juniper reads this ) The next thing in the goody bag was a Pike Place Espresso Chocolate bar. I was a little scared to try this one, I didn't think I would like it...Espresso Chocolate? But it was so pretty I had to bust it open, and boy am I glad I did! It is incredible! I had to fight my 15 year old son over this once I let him try it! It was really good!!

Included in every box is also a lovely card. On one side of it is "Lynn's Letter" Lynn is the founder of Juniper and probably the nicest person I have ever had the privilege of meeting ( well, I have not met her in person, but know what I mean!) She always tells a little about that months box and always had a cute little story. On the other side is a list of all the treats included in the "Goody Bag".

Verdict: I love Juniper! This is definitely a box to that every women should have! We have a hard enough time during that time of the month without having to worry about...Do I have tampons? Do I have enough? Am I going to have to run to the store, where that dumb ass little guy works, that always looks at me like I am a complete freak when I purchase these type of products? I mean really girls, we have enough stress in our lives, we don't need anymore and I promise you, you can take that dreaded time of the month and actually turn it into something you look forward to, because you means it's also "Juniper" time! Look, I have seen the other "period" boxes out there even received a couple different one's but Juniper seems to be the only one who actually get's it!! Those other boxes call them selves a subscription box for your period but they are far from it! All they are is a gift box with a few tampons threw in. That's it! I mean all that's going to do is piss me off during an already stressful time when we tend to become monsters that our families do not even recognize anymore! They literally include just enough tampons to get you through 2-maybe 3 days if you stretch it....but hey, they did include a pair of crazy looking socks, so ....what are you complaining for! I guess you can take the damn socks and use them in the place of pad...right? Ummm...No Thank You!  There is another one that includes a few tampons, literally....a few BUT they also included a dollar store watch! I guess that's so you can tell if the stores are you can go get SOME MORE TAMPONS!!  I'm sorry but you can keep your freaking socks and watch.....What I want.....What I need, during that time of the month is plenty of tampons, pads, and panty liners....that is the whole purpose for these boxes...right? and of course, midol because a cheap watch and socks is not going to do anything for my cramps, bloating or mood! Then, of course, most of all I need snacks....chocolate, teas that help to relax me, honey sticks (because I love them) and all the other yummy treats that Juniper includes! Oh wait....I wasn't being fair! I just remembered those other boxes did have chocolate.....One of them had a piece of chocolate that was so small, all it did was made me want to call them up....every hour, on the hour and scream in there ear......"Are you insane" I mean damn it man....those other boxes must be made by men! 1 little bitty piece of chocolate, I mean it was a little bigger than an M&M...No lie!!....Yeah, that makes sense! and then the other one had a piece of chocolate, yes 1 piece of chocolate, not even a full size candy bar, it was 1 single Ferrero Rocher chocolate. THAT'S ALL!! I think it's crazy! I mean it defeats the whole purpose of getting a box every month for your period. The purpose of it, is so you don't have to go the store to buy any "feminine Products" for your period! Also, so you can feel a little pampered. When I am having my period, the last thing I am thinking about is some cheap pair of crazy socks or a cheap watch....I want to lay down on my couch, with my midol and my bag of Goodies from Juniper, with my chocolates and other treats they include and my delicious relaxing hot tea's. I sure don't want to worry about having to go to the store to get more tampons because the box I ordered didn't have enough because they had to make room for some cheap crap that no one wants, especially when there doubled up with cramps! Julep just makes sense! The founder, Lynn, is a woman and she knows what we need, obviously because she has delivered the perfect box month after month! Their customer service is second to none! Lynn is an amazing person! She honestly cares about her members and wants to please them and make sure they have everything they need to help them through an otherwise dreadful time. She welcomes feedback, good or bad, because she wants to create the perfect box for you. That's why the boxes are 100% customizeable! She understands every woman's needs are different and every woman's period is different. She wants to get to know all of her members and treat them like a friend, not just a customer. From the 1st moment this box was launched and I spoke with Lynn I knew she and Juniper was something special and I am not the only one that feels that way, Another blogger, Nikki @ Nikki's Nook which is a friend of mine, said the same thing. I really don't even know who to explain it. She is very passionate about her business and why she created Juniper, to help women during a stressful time, to help make it a little less stressful and to help pamper them when they need it the most! I can't say enough good things about this company or the woman behind the company. I feel completely happy and proud to recommend Juniper to all of you. I know this is a wonderful company and I know that any of my readers that sign up with Juniper is going to be completely 100% taken care of! I know Lynn will make sure of that as well as the other incredible women she has on her team! I challenge you to try this box out, I guarantee you will be satisfied and it will actually make you start looking forward to that time of the month! Really, I am not exaggerating here. I didn't think it was possible to look forward to my period ever, until Juniper anyways! 

***Now, Juniper has something special for you guys!  Just mention that The Fashion Bug In Florida or  (Amanda Herren) sent you and you will get your first box for free! No worries if when you get it you decide it's not right for you, You can cancel anytime! However, I know you guys are going to love it!!

Also, make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter so you can keep up with all their amazing contest, giveaways, promos, specials, etc...

So, what did you think about this box? Are you going to sign up? At least try it out since you can get your first box for free, You have nothing at all to lose!!


  1. I think I just might have to take them up on the free box to see how I like it! I liked all the contents of your box! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. definitely!! You have nothing to can cancel anytime!!

  2. I agree with Sheena, the box looks awesome; and perfect for when we need it most. I've never been one to try these box subscriptions, but since its free what do I have to lose. Besides finding something I could love and to give me something to look forward to, during the time I dread the most. Great review and thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Dawn! Exactly!! Nothing at all to lose and you can cancel anytime!

  3. This looks pretty neat! Too bad I am pregnant and won't need anything like this until my newest little one is done breastfeeding. Someone should make a pregnancy box. :)

    1. Actually their is a box for expectant mothers! I will get all the info for you if you want?

    2. You are so awesome Amanda! If I ever want a subscription box for something particular I am coming straight to you, lol!

  4. These subscription boxes are getting crazy. This takes the fun out of buying stuff at the store. I coupon and get pads free. Snacks free too.

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  6. Have you tried PinkCamille ( I heard they are the best so far. It's only $10/month for 30 items with free shipping and you get ferrero richer chocolates and tea.