Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Heart Beauty Products Review- Level 6 hair care products and Revita. EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator.

I heart Beauty Products

Hello my beautiful Fashion Bugs! Hope you are all having an awesome day! I have some exciting products I am reviewing today however, this review will be a little different. I am reviewing 3 things. # 1 The website that sent the products, I Heart Beauty Products. # 2. (4) products from the Level 6 Hair care line. and  # 3 Revita. EPS Eyelash Stimulator. Now, typically when I do a review it is products directly from the company that produces them. This time I am reviewing a web site that carries a variety of beauty products from different brands and then reviews on a couple of the brands they carry.

I Heart Beauty Products

I heart Beauty Products is your source for the finest beauty supplies and sunless tanning products that the beauty industry has to offer. They are always looking for new items to add to their site. If you don't find your favorite beauty product on their site, just let them know and they will work very hard to get it added! They have a wide range of hair care products, including some of the finest brushes on the market. You will find all this and more at a fraction of the cost. A lot of the products they offer are typically exclusive to salons and are hard to find, not anymore though, Thanks to I heart Beauty Products!

Just a few of my favorites that they carry.....

Oh Yes! They carry one of my favorite Nail Polish Brands and at a fraction of the cost, China Glaze! Most of them sale for $4.99 on their site. Click Here to see them all!

Modern DinosaurHold 10ozBeachcomber 8ozInfluence 4oz

Level 6 Hair care line. (I will be reviewing 4 products from this line below) This is an amazing hair care line that is typically exclusive to luxury salons but they carry the whole line on their site, more than 40 products from this line and a lot of these products are available in the 32 oz sizes. Just click Here to see them all!

Hot Tools - Pink Titanium Curling Iron - 3/4"Hai Elite Nano XT iTech Ti Infrared 450 Professional 1" Flat IronHot Tools - Gold Curling Iron Super - 2"

These are just a few of the awesome appliances they carry, so you can achieve that professional "just left the salon" look everyday and trust me, the prices on these are cheaper than you will fin anywhere! One of the curling irons they carry, I paid almost $200 for at a salon supply store and they have it for less than $60....I couldn't believe it!! You do not want to miss out on these. There are many, many more available! Click Here to see them all!

 Phillips Leopard Paddle Brush Apothederm™ Anti-Aging System KitBodyography - Veil Foundation Primer Green 1ozRice Powder NatruralRice Paper NaturalSpongeables - Lavender Nectar Body Wash in a Sponge with BufferKlorane soothing and relaxing patchesSisal Body Brush

These are just a very, very small selection of other various products you can find on their site!

Stone Perfume Bottle .20oz (Purple Color)Stone Perfume Bottle .20oz (Blue Color)

I had to show you these atomizer also. I love these and I am definitely placing an order! I have tons of perfume samples that I receive in all those subscription beauty boxes and this would be perfect for them and they are only $9.99 a piece.... Perfect and at a price that will fit any fashionista's budget!! You have to check out this site, as I stated before this is only a very small preview of some of the items they carry and the price's are incredible!! I already have a very long wish list! Click here now and check out all the amazing products they carry!

***They also have all types of specials and promos, including their "Deal of the Month". Make sure to subscribe for their email updates so you don't ever miss another deal!  Also, don't forget to like them on Facebook so you can keep up with all their many amazing giveaways!! They give away a ton of full size products all the time on their page, matter of fact I know of at least 6-7 of our fellow Fashion Bugs that have won some awesome products on their Facebook page!

Ok, now I am going to review some of the awesome products that they sent me.

Level 6 Hair Care Products

I heart beauty products generously sent me a lovely travel kit that includes 4 of the best selling, most popular products from the Level 6 Hair Care line.

This is the awesome travel kit that was sent to review. As you can see, it comes in a clear re-usable case that is travel friendly, so you will not have any problems at the Airport! I was very excited to try these products out as I had heard of them and read many amazing reviews but had never had the opportunity to try them out,  before now.

The products that were included in the kit:

Level 6 drench shampoo- This is a mild, daily use shampoo for all hair types, and especially ideal for color treated hair, because it won't fade color. Strengthens the hair shaft to retain color and ensure healthy hair. I personally do not color my hair but I still really enjoyed this shampoo. It gave my hair some much needed body and left it feeling soft and silky! It has a very light pleasant scent. If you don't strong scents then you will love this!

Level 6 Devotion Conditioner- This is a daily mild conditioner, good for all hair types. This conditioner structurizes, penetrates, and conditions with 19 amino acids and vitamins. This has a little stronger scent than the shampoo, like a coconut scent...I love it!! Again, I loved this conditioner! This shampoo and conditioner gave my hair a lot of body which is not easy to do. I have very fine, limp hair but you would never be able to tell after using this amazing duo! My hair was very soft and silky after using these products! I really like them and they are perfect for daily use, especially on color treated hair! These products are perfect for all hair types. I highly recommend them both!!

Level 6 Smooth N' Groove styling potion- This product conditions without leaving hair feeling weighty. It actually increases manageability. For styles that will keep shape, even after you run your fingers through your hair! Just apply to damp hair, then blow-dry and run fingers through your hair for separation! This is probably my favorite product out of them all! It is very easy to use and really gives your hair that look like you get at the salon! perfectly styled but without leaving any sticky residue or anything. It last all day and I promise, it doesn't feel like you have any product in your hair at all!! I love this stuff and will definitely be buying the full size bottle of this!

Level 6 Beach Comber- This is salt infused spray for volume and flexibility. This is another one of my favorites, which I will definitely be buying a full size bottle of! This gives you those perfectly tousled beach waves everyone tries so hard to achieve and with summer right around the corner, there's no better time to get started! This product enhances natural waves with a soft, frizz free finish!  For the best results I set my dryer on low volume with high heat and I was able to create those sexy waves you thought only celebs could get, seriously! This is the best stuff ever! This gives you hair the same manageability and volume it has after it has not been washed in two or three days, without the icky side effects. A "true spray-n-go" quick fix. It improves manageability and flexibility and increases volume, enhances curl! Love, Love, Love this!! You have to try this out, you will not regret it....trust me!!

Verdict: I really, really like the Level 6 products I tried a lot! With the Beach comber and Smooth N' Groove styling potion being my absolute favorite! Don't get me wrong, I really liked the Shampoo and Conditioner also but the other two products I just mentioned, really stood out to me and I have not been able to find other products that gave me the results that these 2 have! I highly recommend these products to everyone and you definitely need to try the Level 6 Hair care line. It definitely stands apart from the others! The prices of these products are very affordable as well and they sell the 2 oz travel sizes in all the products I tried out, so you can try them and see if you love them as much as I do before going for the full size bottles, however, I have no doubt that you are going to be in love as well!!

Next up.....

Revita EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator

Ok girls, this is hands down, my favorite find in a long time! I am in love with this amazing product and I know that most women are not happy with their eyelashes. If you wish you could have longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes then make sure to continue reading!

Revita EPS, is a cutting edge treatment from DS Labatories, is clinically demonstrated to grow eyelashes 25 percent longer in just two weeks. Many users also enjoy greater thickness and density. Revita EPS utilizes a breakthrough peptide complex, not a glaucoma drug like bimatoprost. Peptides work by stimulating expression of Keratin genes and improving overall eyelid health. These developments represent the most recent efforts in biotechnology, advancing the safety and efficacy of eye lash growth.

I have been using this twice daily, morning and evening. I start by ensuring that my face is clean and all my makeup has been removed completely.Then I click the button, which is on the bottom of the applicator, to dispense the solution....
Then I draw the applicator carefully across the skin
of the upper eyelid as if applying eyeliner ( if you look at the picture to the right, you will see a white end on the tip of the applicator. That is actually a small brush which makes the application very easy and comfortable). Then I repeat for the lower eyelid. If the solution gets in your eye, it is ok, it will not cause any harm, You should not rinse the eye out.  After several weeks of usage you can switch to once-daily application and maintain the results already achieved.

I have noticed a big difference in my eye lashes, after just two weeks of use, they are longer and fuller. I am not sure exactly the percentage of growth but it is definitely noticeable! I can't wait to see the results after another 2 weeks of use. I have seen these type of products advertised but never tried it before because I was scared of some of the side effects I heard about. Nothing serious but the main one I was scared of is the darkening of the skin around your eyes. I agreed to review this product so I had to try it and after reading the incredible reviews I found on this, no one mentioned anything about their skin discoloring. and I am pleased to report that I have had none of that either! I am very pleased and excited with my experience and results with this awesome product!

Verdict: This is an amazing product and like I stated, definitely one of my most favorite finds in along time! If you have short, thin or non-existent eyelashes than you have to give this a shot! Don't revert to using fake lashes that everyone can tell is fake, grow your own beautiful lashes! It is real and you can do it, I have and I can't believe the dramatic difference! This is very easy to use, if you can put on eyeliner, then you can use this! I love it and I am so glad I hear beauty products, sent it to me to try because if they would not have sent it, I probably would not have ever tried it and I would not know that you could really grow longer, thicker lashes like this and for so cheap too. This product typically sells for $50 or more but you can score this amazing little miracle for only $19.99  Just click  Here  now!  I promise, this will be the best $20 bucks you ever spent!! You have to use that yucky glue or false eyelashes anymore and they actually ruin your eyelashes and the future growth of them, so stop. Use a product that will help you to grow the beautiful lashed you want, naturally!  I am so glad I not only found out about all these awesome products but that I also found out about this amazing site! They so many awesome products that are extremely hard to find and at amazing prices! I also couldn't believe how fast the shipping was on these products! Definitely check this site out and see what they have to offer, I know you will find many awesome products that you will just have to get...I do recommend trying the products I mentioned above....specially the Revita EPS Eyelash Growth Serum....It really is a miracle serum!  Well, You have to try the Level 6 Smooth N' Groove Styling Potion and the Beach Comber also, both of those are pretty amazing too! The next Level 6 product on my list is the Modern Dinosaur and the Uprising root lifter. I will do a review on them both when I get them and let you guys know how well they work!

Again, make sure to Like them on Facebook  so you can keep up with all their amazing giveaways! They give away full size products all the time! I know at least 6-7 of our fellow Fashion Bugs that have won some amazing products!! So if you want to be the next one, then make sure you are following them on Facebook!

So, What do you guys think about this site and the products I reviewed? Which product are you most excited to try out?

****Please excuse the poor quality of these photo's. When I started to take photo's of these products, I dropped my camera and ruined it! It made me sick to my stomach, I can't believe that happened but....It did! So, I am having to use my phone to take pictures with until I can replace my camera. So again, please forgive the quality of the photos!                                                                                                                          


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