Friday, March 1, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review- February 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

The Box:  Beauty Box 5

The Products: 4-5 Full Size and Deluxe Beauty samples delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $12 monthly

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub- Travel Size- Value- $3.75

This is awesome! The scent is out of this world amazing! The members either got the Tropical Mango, which is what I received or they got the Coconut Lime. The Tropical Mango is definitely more up my alley, I was very happy to see this in my box!

Bath Aquatics H20 Shampoo- 1 oz- Value- $2.05

I had never heard of this shampoo before now so I went to check it out and it is a natural shampoo made specially for fine hair, which I have.  It's made with Iceland Moss, Watercress, and provitamin B. I am really excited to try this out and It is a very generous sample. More than enough for several uses.

Coolway Repair Mask- 1 oz- Value- $5

I was extremely excited to see this in my box. I have been seeing and hearing a lot of amazing things about the coolway products. This is a repair mask but can also be used as a daily conditioner! This product actually helps to straighten your hair in the shower before using a straight iron on it. It eliminates frizz, locks in  moisture and is color safe as well as non toxic and Safe for all hair types. I am excited to try this out and will update you as soon as I do. Also, after going to their web site to read up on the product, it looks like their complete system, which includes a flat iron, would be perfect for a lot of you guys that messaged me in regards to your concerns about using flat irons etc... after watching that poor girl burn a section of her hair off on the you tube video that went viral so,  I am hoping to have a full review on their complete system for you all soon!

Brush Guards- 3 pk- Value- $5

These are actually amazing! These are brush guards for your makeup brushes. When you clean your makeup brushes you put the guards on them while they are drying. When they are done, they look brand new. These make the brushes keep their shape. I actually have a full review coming up on their complete cleaning kit and brush guards. They are also sponsoring a giveaway for you guys. Be on the look out for that, I will have it posted within the next few days. I really like these and as much as a good set of makeup brushes cost, you need something like this to help protect them and make them last longer!

Gift Card to I Train- Value- $50

This is a true gift card! This is not one of those coupon codes where you have to make a purchase to use it or anything like that, so many companies try to dress those up as gift cards and I hate it but this is not the case with this one. I Train, is a website where you can download workout and fitness videos, classes, trainers,  mp3 etc...all the programs I saw were any where from $5.99- $12.99 so you could purchase several downloads with this card and I am really starting to get serious about fitness and working out so I was happy to see this was included!

Beauty Box 5 foldable compact brush.mirror- Value?

This is Beauty Box 5's 1st year anniversary and they included this extra gift for everyone. It is a really cute travel Brush that folds up and looks like a compact, it also has a mirror. It is one of my favorite colors....Tiffany blue!  See the pic below to see what it looks like when open!

I love this!! I immediately put it in my handbag and I have used it a few times. I love having it, it comes in very handy. My hair is long and when I am walking inside a building or something and the winds is blowing, it messes my hair all up, same if I have my car window down while driving. So this has definitely been used and is very convenient!

Verdict: I paid $12 for the this box and received ! $65 worth of products and that doesn't include any value for the brush which is worth at least $5 so really I received approx $70 worth of products!!  I love Beauty Box 5 and can always count on them to introduce me to new and exciting products as well as products that I already know and love. This was an awesome box, as usual. I  highly recommend this box to everyone, specially if you love all natural products. This box is not advertised or packaged as an all natural or eco-friendly box, however, the majority of the products that they include are just that, all natural and eco-friendly.  You don't hear as much about this box as you the others because they do not spend a lot of money on advertisement's as they try to keep their cost down in order to keep the cost for their members down.  This month was the first month this box has ever been delayed and that was only for a short time but the reason they did is because this box was pretty heavy with the type of products that were included so the shipping was more but to keep from having to raise their rates due to shipping, they waited an extra week and send it by a different postal service. I love that about them. It would've been much easier for them to just increase the price a little but they didn't!! I have never had any issues with this company before. All boxes arrive in tact with all products included. Never a missing product with them!

So, what did you guys think about this box? Are you interested in signing up for it? Just click on any of the highlighted links above! Also, make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them Twitter so you can keep up with all their promos, specials, giveaways, sneak peeks and more!!

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  1. Sweeet box! I have been hearing alot about Tree Hut glad to hear you like there products! I might check this sub box out! Thanks for sharing!