Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Review- January 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

The Box: Beauty Box 5

The Products: 4-5 Full size and deluxe beauty products delivered to your door every month! ( Although it is not packaged as an eco-friendly, all natural beauty box, almost all the products are and most are certified cruelty free! )

The Cost: $12

Model Co. Lip Pencil in Pomegranate- Full Size! Value- $18

I love Model Co. Products, specially their lip products! I was very excited to see this in my box, I have never tried their lip pencils and the really cool part is that I received a Model Co. Lip gloss from Beauty Box 5 in my Nov. box that matches the color of this Lip Pencil perfectly! They also have a new nail polish, I am hoping to see one of those in a future Beauty Box 5

Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick in Stardust- Full Size! Value- $7

I was very, very happy to see this in my box. Glossy box included this in their November boxes but it was an either/or product and I didn't get it. I was a little bummed because I had heard about these and have been wanting to try them out and now, thanks to Beauty Box 5, I have it! This particular scent is more of a fruity type scent, I would have preferred a different one but this one smells really, really good and has some very good reviews...Seems as though this scent has one alot of people over...I like more earthy type scents but I will use this because like I said, The scent is amazing! I was surprised at how long the scent last, I was a little afraid it would not last very long but I was wrong, also I love the size of it...You can easily fit it in a small clutch, your handbag, pocket, or really anywhere...It takes up about the same space as a lip balm...Highly recommend this product to any and everyone!

Pencil Me In Eye Pencil in Champagne Sparks- Full Size! Value- $7

I can always count on Beauty Box 5 to introduce me to new brands, most of which become favorites! This is not only a new brand for me but a new brand all together and I am very excited about this one. I went and checked out the Pencil Me In site to learn about this new brand. It was created by Linda Eisner, who after spending over 20 years in the cosmetic industry personalizing private label lines for several Major Companies in the industry,  decided to launch "Pencil Me In" eye accent pencils. These innovative cosmetic pencils provide long lasting, consistent color. All 30 shades were custom created to boost ever-changing styles. This exclusive formula was created with the finest natural ingredients. Vitamins and anti-oxidants have been included to help protect the eye area from daily exposure to destructive elements. Pencil Me In, Is the newest "green" cosmetic. The 30 shades range from toasty browns and smokey greys to vivid purple to frosted shades of blue and green to metallic bronze to subtle glitter. There are sensational choices for people of all races and skin tone. I was amazed at all the color choices! The one I received has a hint of glitter to it and I love it...It is like a champagne color, I probably would've never picked it out for myself but I love it! It does not pull the skin around your eyes when applying it, it's silky smooth and extremely long lasting. The color's have really good pigmentation and the price is super affordable! I am definitely going to order several more color's.

Ferro Cosmetics in Desert Rose Blush- Premium Sample- Value- $8

Again, I was super excited to receive this in my box. I got 2 samples of this, in 2 different colors, in my Total beauty collection box in Oct. The colors I got then were "Suzie's Glow" and " Terra Cotta" both of which I love and I'm still using. This color is "Desert Rose" their new color for 2013. I love it! It is incredible how all these colors are very different but they all match my skin tone. All 3 of the blushes I have received are from their " HD X3" collection. Each color actually is made up of a mix of 3 colors which gives you like a 3D effect. They are really beautiful and I would love to try their foundation and eye shadow's. These products are all natural, certified cruelty free!

 Here's is a close up of the blush, again this color is: Desert Rose.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion- 1 oz- Value- $1

This was a included in my box back 2 boxes ago, I think. On the card it said surprise 2012 favorite. I didn't mind having a repeat of this at all though. It is a really lotion, specially for very dry skin. It is a favorite among alot of the celebs also. I have several magazine subscriptions and I the "what in their handbag" is one of my favorite parts. Many of them had this in their bag. I love the size of this, it fits perfectly in your handbag!

Verdict: I paid $12 and received $41 worth of products. The value of my Beauty Box 5 boxes are always really good. I love all the products included in this box. I have never been disappointed in one of Beauty Box 5 boxes...never! They always introduce me to new brands and new products from well known brands. The price of the box is great. Most of the products they include in their boxes are all natural, organic, cruelty free etc... I have no complaints at all with Beauty Box 5 and I can't wait to see what the February box brings!

What do you think about this box? Do you get this one? Are you going to sign up for this one? Let me know what you think!


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