Friday, January 4, 2013

Nail Art Society Review- December 2012- Monthly Nail Polish and Accessories Box

This is my second Nail Art Society Box as well as their second box. They are a new Nail subscription box that debuted in November. They started out offering their subscription at $9.95 and then it increased to $19.95. However, if you signed up with them at the beginning your subscription stays at $9.95 for as long as your subscribed. The November and December boxes were at the $9.95 rate. Starting January the boxes will be at the $19.95 rate, which they promised a lot of amazing changes starting in January like the value is going to be a lot higher etc... I really enjoy this box. It is very different from Julep in that you received not only polishes but the tools and accessories needed for nail art. Every box is curated with a look for that month. Your box will include every thing needed to achieve that look as well as detailed how-to instructions. This box really is for the experienced nail artist and newbies alike. Now, on on with the show....
**** You can see my first review Here!

The Box: Nail Art Society

The Products: A curated nail look with the polish/polishes, tools and accessories needed to achieve the look as well as detailed how-to instructions delivered to your door every month!

The Cost: $19.95 monthly ( includes shipping)... cancel anytime....Caution: You will fall in love with this box!

Matte.N.A. - Color- Mystery- Full Size!- Value- $8.39

Matte.N.A- Color- Blockbuster- Full Size!- Value- $8.39

I really like these colors alot! This is a relatively new brand so I had never tried it before but I love it. It is a matte finish but very sparkly with all the glitter that's in them. They also carry other finishes like: crackle, magnetic polish...etc..

Stella Luminous Nail Art Kit- Full Size Kit- Value- $13.99

Beauty Art Professional Nail Glue- Full Size! Value- $2.50

I love that they included this whole kit rather than just a little bag with a few stones in just enough for the look or something...with this you have plenty left over to do many other manis with...LOVE IT!!

Cherimoya Polish Remover Pads- (Scent- Orchid) Full Size! Value- $4.85

Love these pads...They smell sooo good and two pads remove a full mani for me...I always use a bottom coat, top coat, and at least two coats of color...If you just use the color, one pad would probably work for you.

You get a card like this every month with very detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the curated look they have picked out for that month.

Verdict: I paid $9.95 and received $38.12 worth of products. The value is awesome and I love getting a curated look every month with not only the polishes needed but also the tools and accessories! This is awesome and a great alternative to just receiving a box with a couple polishes in it every month, like Julep. Don't get me wrong I love Julep, However I am glad to have an alternative to them and I have been really getting into nail art lately and this is an awesome way to learn the skill of nail art and get up the necessary tools. I highly recommend this box and can't wait to see what the January box will be like!

What do you think about Nail Art Society?  Are you excited about this one? Are you ready to sign up? Time for some girl talk!! Let me know what you think!!


  1. This is so neat! I've been thinking about trying it since I read your first review. I was a little bummed to hear they raised the price, but really with all that stuff it's worth it. I love those polishes! I totally suck at nail art, so the instructions are cool...I'm probably going to try them out before long. Thanks for another awesome review!

  2. you can get the entire set of those matte polishes (16 of them) for 18$ on It also comes with 6 of those nail polish removers. I got them for Xmas and love them....