Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Julep Maven Review/promo code for new subscribers- January 2013- Monthly Nail Polish/Nail Products Box

The Box: Julep Maven

The Products: With 4 of the boxes you 2 Full Size Julep Nail Polishes and 1 Full Size Product plus extras monthly and with 1 of the boxes you get 3 Full Size Polishes and extras every month.

The Cost: $19.99 (Includes shipping)

Most of you are familiar with the Julep Maven boxes but for those who are not, I will give you a little info. You can sign up to be a Julep Maven, which is $19.99 month. With that you receive not only free shipping on your monthly boxes but free shipping on all your orders as well as a discount on all products from the Julep Site. You also receive a box every month. When you sign up, you take a short quiz to see what your beauty profile is. There are 5 profiles: American Beauty, Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, Bombshell, and It Girl. The first 4 named above comes with 2 Full size polishes, a full size featured product and little extras periodically. The 5th box is considered the "polish lover's box" it comes with 3 full size polishes and little extras periodically. You can choose to skip anytime you want. If you are an American Beauty but like Boho Glam this month, you can choose to go with that box ( you can change your box up any month you choose) Say you like the whole collection this month, you can choose to upgrade and get everything for that month for an extra $30 ( that's on top of the $19.99 monthly charge) which is a really good deal because your getting around $200 worth of products. A regular monthly box is valued at a min. of around $60 every month. So no matter what you choose you are getting an incredible deal!

Julep In Bethany- Electric Neon Orange Pink Creme- Full Size! Value- $14 ($11.20 maven price)

Julep In Mindy- Porcelain Pink Sheer- Full Size! Value- $14 ($11.20 maven price)

*** This is the American Beauty Box. I really liked both of these colors. I didn't opt for the upgrade to the whole collection because I didn't think I would like the nude polish ( Mindy) but when I actually seen it in person I fell in love with it! (The pics do not do either of these justice) I now regret not upgrading.

These are the new swatch me stickers that will be coming on every bottle of Julep polish from now on, which I love! I have a massive collection of nail polish, mostly Julep, and this will make it a lot easier to find which color I want to use next.

This is a photo to show you how this works. There are actually two caps on every bottle ( I did not know until recently) You pull the top-cap straight up and it will come off then unscrew the second cap and paint the swatch me sticker...Voila! You have an easy way to see what polish you want without having to remove everyone.  I Love It!!!

Ok....Back to the box!

Julep Hand and Cuticle Stick- Full Size! Value- $22 ( $17.60 maven price )

This is a brand new product and I love it! I love the mess free applicator, the scent..everything! I highly recommend this to any and everybody!

3 Neon Hair Ties - Value- $5

I love when they include extras like this, it makes the box that much more special However, I especially Loved that they included these hair ties. They are the hottest hair ties on the market right now and I have a lot of them. I was first introduced to them through Birchbox and fell in love with them. They are perfect regardless your hair type...thick, fine, curly, straight...they hold and stay in place. They do not make that awkward dent in your hair like most hair bands do. These are the only kind I use anymore.

They also included 1 Swatch Me Sticker Sheet which is enough to swatch 20 bottles. I don't see them on the Julep site anywhere. They offered a set of 3 sheets as an add-on to the Jan. boxes and I did add them on. The cost for that was $4.99 but as far as the total retail value, I'm not sure because the add-on items are always discounted. I'm sure they will be added to the Julep shop online, I just don't know when.

Verdict: I paid $19.99 for this box and received $55 worth of products. (not including the value for the swatch me stickers) January's Boxes were "Neon's and Nudes" which I really like. I also really liked that they Picked Jan. for this, Christmas ending and everything...I was ready for some bright colors! I do wish I would've opted for the upgrade on this box but I didn't know I was going to love the nudes as much I do. I really enjoy getting Julep boxes every month. I think they do a good job keeping each month new, fresh, and exciting! I am always looking forward to what they are going to come out with next!  Julep has some hard core fans too, so they must be doing something right. Unlike a lot of the pages I go to, with Julep you rarely ever see people complaining on their Facebook page and if you do have a complaint...It better be a really good, legit one or you may just get blasted by all their fans...lol... However, between their amazing products, quality, and the incredible Customer Service... They have definitely earned their strong fan base!!

Here is an amazing offer for new subscribers.... You can get your first box for 1 penny, plus tax so you would be looking at around $5 bucks for your first box and you can cancel anytime or skip a month anytime! All you need to do is click Here , take the short profile quiz and enter the promo code "PENNY" at check out. Your total will be $4.99 unless you choose any of the discounted add-on's (it gives you that option once you start to check out) This is an incredible deal....Your getting like $50 worth of products for $4.99...Highly recommend this to everyone!

So what did you think about this box? Which box did you get? Are any of you that are not already Mavens going to sign up? Let me know!


  1. That orange looks amazing!!! The cuticle and hand stick makes me want to hop over to Julep and order it, I think I will!

    1. You will love it girl! It's awesome...One of my favs!!

  2. So jealous! I want those hair ties! xD Also I want Bethany because I looooove neon colours! And the hand cuticle stick is always a must. Cx <3

    1. I know, I was really happy with this month's box...I love when they add extras because they are usually really good!! I love the hair ties and I am loving the neon's as well and actually really digging the nudes! Didn't think I would but I do!! The cuticle and hand stick is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

  3. love the orange nail polish shade! :)

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  4. I haven't tried the cuticle stick yet, but I'm gonna have to now. I love Julep!