Saturday, January 5, 2013

GoodGood Box promo codes good through 01/31...

goodgood box

Hey guys, I told about the new eco-friendly box...GoodGood Box and I will have a review for you on the first of Feb. I am very excited about this box and can't wait until I get my first one...The have some great promo codes out right now so, If you guys are wanting to try this one out...Now is the time! Here are the codes, they are good until Jan. 31st.

$20 off all 12-month subscriptions: 12MGGB
$10 off all 6-month subscriptions: 6MGGB
$5 off all 3-month subscriptions: 3MGGB

Also, don't forget about the giveaway on their facebook page All you have to do is click Here like their page, Please tell them that The Fashion Bug In Florida sent you ( this helps to get sponsors for awesome giveaways for you guys...I am picking a winner out of the ones that do this for me also) and then click on the giveaway button on their FB Page. Thank You!


  1. did you get your first box? I just wondered if it is worth the money? I posted to their page that you sent me :) Found you by googling info on them. LOL

  2. Hi, Thank You for letting them know I sent you! I get my first box this month! I am very excited. Stay tuned because I will be doing a review on it as soon as I get it! Thanks!