Friday, January 18, 2013

Total Beauty Collection Review- January 2013- Women's Beauty Box

The Box: Total Beauty Collection

The Products: At least 4 deluxe and full size beauty products delivered to your door.

The Cost: $15 ( includes shipping ) I received this collection for only $10, I received a special offer through my email.

Wella Velvet Amplifier- Full Size! Value- $16

I love when the value of 1 product exceeds the cost of the whole box! I have used many different Wella products in the past and loved them all, this one is no exception. I was ecstatic to see this in the box because I have been wanting to try it. I've read many amazing reviews in different magazines and had seen where it has won many awards! A little bit of this product goes a long way, It worked wonderfully on my fine hair and seemed to make the other products I use work better! Also, there was NO frizz or fly-away's! Although I have fine hair, I also have very long hair and 1 pump is all it took for me. Just distribute through damp hair before styling then blow dry to your desired shape and style....Love it!

Evolvh Ultra Shine Shampoo & Conditioner- 2 oz each- Value- 11.76 ( $5.88 each)

Ok, I was beyond happy to see this included. I have been seeing it all over the internet, top fashion and beauty sites..etc... All the reviews I have read were very positive so I have been wanting to try it but had not brought myself to pay $50 for the shampoo & conditioner, not knowing how it would work on my hair. I can't use just anything on my hair, I have to be very selective. I have not tried this yet but will very soon and will let you guys know my verdict on it...I will probably do a full post on it. Another thing I really, really like is that they included both the shampoo & conditioner! I hate to receive a box with just one or the other included...It's like what's the use! So, this made me very happy that they not only included both but that they are big enough to get several uses out of , So I can really tell how well I like it and if it's worth $50 to me! I hate to get foil packet samples at all but especially for any kind of face cream or shampoo & conditioner...You can't tell anything by that!

The Honest Co. Lip Balm- Full Size! Value- $3.31

NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer- Full Size! Value- $4.50

I had ordered the essentials kit from The Honest Co. back a couple months ago, so I was already familiar with their products. This is the company owned by Jessica Alba. I wasn't super impressed or anything with the products. Wouldn't buy them again. I don't know they had a rather cheap feel to me...Not my cup of tea but I do like the lip balm. I received the Sweet orange vanilla. It does moisturize well and it isn't sticky like some of them are. Not sure that I would go out and buy it, at the price there are many others I like better, but I will definitely use this one. I like it anytime that a lip balm is included, I use them all the time. I keep one everywhere...In the car, by my bed, in my handbag, gym bag...everywhere and they are very easy to misplace. I have a basket with nothing but lip balms in it so when I lose one, I just grab another! I love all the NYX products I have tried and actually got this, in a different color, in my last Total Beauty Collection and loved it! I was very, very happy to see this in my collection and both colors I received are awesome, I would have picked them out myself, so really happy about that. These seem to be very popular too. I see them in all the magazines as "must have" products and just about all the colors on their website is sold out. This color, which is Chestnut, is still available and it is amazing! I think it is a good neutral color that would go with any skin tone as well.

Eboost orange natural energy booster- 1 full size packet- Value- $1.40

Nature Made Vitamelts Vitamin C- 1 packet (2 tablets)- Value- $.36

Sole Society- $20 off any shoe, first purchase only and can not be combined with other promos- Use "GC_BEAUTY20" at checkout to get $20 off. They have the most amazing shoes ever and the price is crazy cheap!! There are so many I want but the "Maxwell" is at the top of my list! Click on the link above and check them out...You will be drooling too!

I was first introduced to eboost through Birchbox and I loved it. You can get it in the powder (shown above) quick dissolve tablets, and energy shots (like 5hr energy) I really like this alot! It gives you ton of energy and it actually taste great! We all need a little boost from time to time... This is also one of Oprah's favorite to be awesome..right? lol.. It really is and they have a really cool sampler pack that's only $8.99...It comes with all the flavors of the packets, shown above and 2 of the energy shots, one in each flavor.. Click Here to check that out. It's a good way to sample it and see what flavor you like the best, and if you like it at all..I think you will though. I want to try out the pink lemonade. The nature made vita melts..It's really hard to tell much about this with only 2 of the melts. I do like to try out different supplements I just think it's kind of a waste if less than 2 weeks worth. I did like the flavor , it wasn't nasty tasting at all like a lot of them are but as far as results...NADA, can't tell you anything there. I do think I will buy a full size bottle though and see how it goes because I can't drink orange juice, I love it but it doesn't love me so I have to take vitamin C supplements.

Verdict: I paid $10 for this collection and received $37.33 ($57.33 including the $20 Promo Code) worth of products. I love the value and 3 of the products I have been really wanting to try, 1 I already knew and loved and 1 I liked and will use. The supplements I liked, One being brand new to me and I do think they added value to this collection but I would liked to have seen a two week supply of the Nature Made or at least a week. The Sole Society card I didn't figure in but If I use it, that will add another $20 value to the box and there are some killer shoes on there I want really bad so I will probably use it. This is my 2nd collection from Total Beauty and I really liked them both and the value was really good with both. I do wish this was a monthly box though. You don't subscribe to this one, when a new collection comes out they notify you (if you sign up to be notified) and then you can log in and buy it if you like the products. This collection ended up being a surprise to me but typically you see whats in the collection up front and then If your interested you buy it. I can't wait for a new collection to come out!

So, what do you guys think about this collection? Is this something you would be interested in? Let me know!


  1. I got one of those Eboost packets from Influenster but am waiting to try it tomorrow when I've got a long walk ahead of me to someone's house. I wanted to tell you, from Influenster, I also received a coupon for $25 off at Sole Society, good until the end of January, if you'd prefer to use that instead of your $20 coupon. The code for it is INFLUENSTER25 and anyone can use it. That would knock another $5 off those Maxwell shoes you're eyeing. :-)

  2. I love this box!! Everything you received in it I was in awe over! I think I am going to subscribe to this one in the near future!