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QVC New Beauty Test Tube Review- January 2013-Quarterly Women's Beauty Box

Hello Fashion Bugs, This is my first New Beauty Test Tube. I am very excited about this one. First, let give me you guys a little info. then we will proceed to the review. The New Beauty Test Tube is a quarterly Subscription box that comes in two different options.  You have the regular Test Tube, which you can find Here and the QVC New Beauty Test Tube, which is the one I received and you can find it Here. They offer different products so you can subscribe to them both and get completely different items and if you do it right you can have it where you get them on different months, so then you would only have to go one month without a test tube box rather than only getting one every three months. Looking at past boxes, I thought I would like the products from the QVC box better but they both look amazing! It does look like you get more actual products with the QVC box then with the regular one. The regular one makes up some of it's value with the gift codes to spa look. I am not sure if it is a gift card or if it is a "spend a certain amount and get a certain amount off". With the QVC test tube, you receive 8-9 full size, travel size, and deluxe samples ever quarter as well as the New Beauty Magazine. Ok, enough of that....

The Cost: $29.96 + $6.72 shipping

The Products: 8-9 Full Size, Travel size, and deluxe size beauty products and the New Beauty magazine delivered to your door quarterly. 

OleHenriksen truth creme- 15 ml- Value- $15

I am familiar with both of these brands and love them so I was very excited to see these. The Algenist eye balm is incredible! I was super excited to get the OleHenriksen truth creme, I several of the "12 days of gifts" that Julep had back in Dec. and one of them Included the OleHenriksen Truth Serum in it and I have not used it yet so I am very eager and excited to start using these two products together and see the results. I have always received amazing results out of the other OleHenriksen products I've used! 

Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick- Full Size! Value- $20

This is a new brand for me. I have read a lot of really awesome reviews on her products, several being on this liquid lipstick, and I have been wanting to try it out so I was very, very excited to get this and I love the color, it is Starburst, I think it would be great for any skin tone. This has a lot of staying power, I was amazed at how long it lasted. It is thick but not too thick and it is not sticky like most, it leaves your lips feeling very moisturized! I really love this and I am so glad I finally got to check it out!

Julep Nail Polish in "Sasha" - Full Size! Value- $14

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser- 4 ml- Value- $1.50

I love Julep nail polish, as most of you already know, so I was happy to see this and was amazed that this is a color I didn't already have. I really like this color too, perfect for spring and summer! Typically I hate to see this packets in any of my sample boxes but I received two samples of the "Fresh" face cream from Julep this month, so I was glad to be able to sample a different product from this brand and if it has to be a little sample like this, I much rather it be a cleanser or something like it were you can tell with one use if it works or not. With face cream and stuff like that you need at least 2 weeks use to really get a good idea of how well the product works.

Tarte Smolder eyes - Full Size! Value- $22

I was most excited about this! I love, love, love, Tarte Products and this baby was no exception! I love it, the color is beautiful, it doesn't fade after you've had it on awhile, it doesn't's so silky, good pigment...You have to try this yourself....I can't really even find the words to describe it...It's that amazing! 

Miracle Worker by Philosophy- 2 oz- Value- $8.50

This was another item I was really glad to see. Although the brand wasn't new to me, this product was. I really like it a lot, which I haven't tried a product of their's I didn't like. You can use this as a daily cleanser or you can use it as a weekly mask by leaving it on for approx. 5 mins. I used it as a mask and was very happy with the results. My face was very soft and glowing...I think I am going to continue to use it as mask rather than a daily cleanser. I will update you guys on my results with continued weekly use. If you have never tried their products, you need to. They have amazing scents, that come in lotions, body wash, perfumes, shampoos, etc... They really are incredible! 

I have heard and read many reviews about Bliss products but had never tried them so I was very happy to get this hand cream and I really like it alot. It's not greasy at all and it moisturizes extremely well. There are a few more products I want to try from Bliss and I really feel comfortable ordering them now because of how well I liked this!! As most of you know I typically hate getting shampoo or conditioner without the other but I much rather get the conditioner than Shampoo, if I had to choose. That being said I am so glad I received this conditioner. I have never thought about buying this or trying it out before...It just never caught my attention but OMG....I LOVE IT! I have very fine hair and need products to help give me volume and this does..better than most I've tried and know I am dying to try it with the shampoo....I am sure it will work even better and the scent is amazing! My hair smelled soooo good! This may be one of my favorite finds in a long time! If you have thin/fine hair, I highly recommend you try this!

New Beauty Magazine- Value $9.95 ( that's the price listed on the cover) I really like this magazine, it is packed with beauty tips, which products to use, the seasons "must haves" etc....It adds some value to the box and I really enjoy it but I don't know if I enjoy it enough that I would pay $10 bucks for it! 

They also include a nice brochure that list all the products from the box as well as all the info about them.

Verdict: I paid $ 29.96 for this box and received $134 worth of products! The value is definitely amazing but besides that everything included are all products I love and will use! I wish I could get it every month! I can't wait to see what the next will have...I am definitely in love with this one! 

What do you think about the QVC New beauty test tube? Is this one you would be interested in? Are you signed up for this one or the regular test tube? Are you going to sign up? Come on and Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hey there, I have the regular Testtube and have been receiving it for 2 1/2 years...LOVE IT!!! I also did a blog about different Beauty Sample Clubs that I get each month or quarterly...check it out on my page...Beautybuzzw/CarrieB!!!