Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Look Bag Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Beauty Box

The Box: The Look Bag

The Products: 6 deluxe and full size beauty products delivered every month

The Cost: $12.95

Frederic Fakkai Conditioner- 2 oz- Value- $9

I hate getting a shampoo or conditioner without the other but if I had to only get one I would prefer it be a conditioner. I like Frederic Fakkai products so I now I will like this conditioner and it has a very nice scent unlike the the Frederic Shea butter conditioner!

Clean "Fresh Laundry" Tea light candles- Value- $8

I loved that they included this set of candles. I wish Birchbox would included things like this as their lifestyle products instead of food! The scent of these candles are amazing, I am already looking into buying some more of these!

LA Splash Cosmetics Nail Art Glitter-  Full Size! Value- $5

L'Oreal Limited Edition Eye Shadow - Full Size- Value- $8

Ok, so I  really liked seeing both of these on my bag. I love anything nail related and love the nail glitter, it is a very big jar compared to most and this is a new brand to me. I looked on their site and they have many other products I would like to try and they are certified cruelty free. Click on the link above and check out some of their other items. Now, the L'Oreal eye shadow. I love it and I have to say that if people do not know their makeup, they really shouldn't comment. I mean if your going to do reviews, especially, know your product! I saw read a couple reviews stating that this was worth $1 or 2 and you can buy it at the dollar store blah blah blah....No, you can't..#1... Not this type of eye shadow although I do know they sell some of the cheaper L'Oreal eye shadow their. However, they do not sell the infinite wear, limited edition eye shadow and it does not cost $1 or 2 more like $8-$9. I bought several of these when they first came out. The infinite wear is more pigmented, far surpasses the typical quality of L'Oreal eye shadow ( which I do like) does not crease like most and has a lot of staying power. This is more the quality of Mac but with more texture! I love them and was very glad to see it in my bag!!

Be Fine Exfoliating Cleanser- Full size packet- Value- $2

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme- Deluxe Sample- Value- $7 ( Full Size- $28)

Again, another 2 favs. I was happy to see! I love anytime I see any of the packets of Be Fine skincare products in one of my boxes and I have received several! This one is my favorite though. I received this same one a month or two ago in my Beauty Box 5. I love all the Two Faced products I have ever tried and this is no exception. It is a very effective lip plumper, tingles when you put it on and you get the look and feel of plumped lips so it does it's job but it's not as long lasting as City Lips which I would say The Two Faced lip Injection runs a close second to. With City Lips you get immediate results but it actually builds up the collagen in your lips over time and within 30 days of using it...You got the sexy pout you always wanted! City lips also comes in a variety of shades..and it is a  few dollars more but well worth it! If you want to check City Lips out and read more about it, just click Here

Verdict: I paid $12.95 and received $39 worth of products, all of which I like and will use! I love The Look Bag but am sad to say this will probably be my last review as they are discontinuing there bags. I have read some unhappy reviews but many, many more happy ones. The Look Bag always brought me awesome, higher end, products that I really liked. Their customer service was amazing as well. I am very sad to see this one go. In the email sent out, It stated that while some people will still receive their January bags, all others will be issued a refund. I sent in a message requesting to please send me the Jan. bag instead of the refund so hopefully I will have one more review of this one for you guys. Either way I am happy to have received the look bags that I did get. They always had amazing values and products that I loved! Here's to you Look Bag...You will be missed, atleast by this Fashionista! Thank You for the awesome bags each month and the amazing products! I wish some of the others were more like you!

What do you guys think of this one? Did you subscribe to the look bag? Let me know what you think!

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  1. That bag was full of some great goodies for $12.95!! That is sad to see them closing up shop! I didn't know about them until I read this post. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your January bag!!!