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Kara's Way box Review- December 2012- Monthly Women's Eco-Friendly Beauty Box

Monthly Boxes
Yes...I am still getting December boxes..I just got this and received an email today telling me the last one I have been waiting on just shipped out today...Hopefully, all of my Jan. boxes will be on time..Ok enough of that...

Kara's Way is a monthly Subscription box that is filled with 5-10 eco-friendly beauty and skincare products. This box is not automatically shipped out every month unless you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. If you want to pay month to month you have to go in each month and place an order. They also will include any extra boxes for the previous month, that is left over...If an or left over in case you missed out on that month. I personally like this idea. Kara's Way went on a hiatus for awhile to change and better their service but they began shipping monthly boxes again in November, Click Here to see that box/review. 

The Box: Kara's Way

The Products: 5-10 deluxe and full size samples of Eco-Friendly beauty and skincare products, delivered to your door monthly.

The Coat: $15 monthly ( includes shipping)

Coastal Scents Black African Soap- Sample Size- Value- $.79

Warrior Bear Rub by Native Touch- 0.2 oz- Value- $2.99

I have not tried the Black African soap yet however, I have read good things about it so I am eager to try it out..I will let you know in a later post if I like, how well it works etc...The Warrior Bear Rub is like a balm or salve. I went to their web site to read about, which you can too b clicking on the link above, and it is actually advertised for tattoo care but it can be used for other things of course. It would make a really good cuticle balm or anywhere that you have dry patches of skin. My elbows tend to get a little dry so I have been using it there and it works great...I really like it. The mini jar like I have is only $2.99 so I would highly recommend try it out.

Holly Beth Organics Grits & Honey Scrub- 1/2 oz- Value- $6.25

Sheswai Nail Lacquer in Rootsy- Full Size! Value- $16

Ok these are definitely my two favorite items from this box. I can already tell you that the Grits & Honey scrub will make my favorite products of 2012 list ( yes, I am working on that post for you guys) I love this..First of all, being from the south, I was intrigued right away when I heard the name of this scrub. It is AMAZING! I love it...I used it on my face and neck and my skin was so soft and it had the most beautiful  glow when I finished. Also, I immediately noticed how soft my hands were afterwords. I will be buying a full size jar of this...They have so many products I saw that I want to try. This brand was brand new to me, this is why I love my subscription boxes because I have found so many brands and items I would have never known about or items I would have never tried had it not been for these boxes, many of which have become my all time favs! This nail polish was another brand that was new to me and I love it..Love the color, the way it goes on the smooth...It's perfect and the cap is made from sustainably harvested wood, grown on family owned tree farms and it's made in the USA!! They have a lot of other awesome colors....I want them all!!

Priti NYC Nail Polish Remover Pads- 1 pack ( 1 wipe) Value- $1

TruJoy Sweets Candy Cane- 1 full size candy cane- Value- $.36

Priti NYC Polish remover pads are soy based so you do have to scrub a little more with them but they do work and are a lot less toxic than the regular ones. I liked them but my favorite is still La Fresh. When I first saw the candy cane I thought it was just a regular candy cane but is an organic, vegan, gluten free candy cane and is really good...It taste a lot better than the regular candy canes. They have a lot of other type of candies too so I'm eager to try some of them. My son has ADHD so these products would be a lot better for him because it has no artificial colors or anything like that and they have found that artificial coloring and preservatives causes increased hyper activity and decreased attention span. The only thing was my candy cane arrived broke and the way it was in the box made it look as though is was put in the box broke. Now, I know this doesn't affect the way it taste or me being able to eat it but it is a little disappointing seeing anything arrive broke, specially if it was out in the box broke...But, It's not a big deal...I just don't like it!

Verdict: I paid $15 for this box and received $27.39 worth of products. I liked all the products ( I haven't tried the soap yet.) Specially the nail polish and the Grits and Honey Scrub. These are two products I will be buying more of and they were definitely worth what I paid for the box, even f the actual cost of the items had not exceeded what I paid for the box, it would have still been worth it to me. I love that this box introduces me to organic, vegan, all natural, and eco friendly items but I don't know what my problem is. Both of the boxes I have received were worth more than I paid for them and they both had some items that I really liked but for some reason this box just hasn't wowed me. There was so much hyper surrounding the re-release of this box so I think I had my expectations set too high or something. I just don't know...I'm not ready to say bye to yet...I guess I will wait to see what the January box has to offer before I make up my mind about it...I did really like this one better than November's box though.

What do you guys think? Did you like it? Do you think this one is a keeper?  Let me know what you think!!

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  1. Wooo! The nail polish sells it. Not bad. I've never heard of that brand, hope to see you review it for us soon! Seriously though, Julep is the most expensive polish I have & I can totally see a difference between it and my usual $2-$8 bottles of polish! The box isn't bad, at first I felt you should get more. Then I read the polish is $16, so yeah that makes it worth it. Don't think I'll be trying this one out though, unless they start sending Deborah Lippmann products lol!