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Lip Factory Review- January 2013- Monthly Beauty Box

Last month I introduced you guys to Lip Factory through their December box. It was amazing! I knew I was hooked the minute I opened the box and saw all those awesome goodies..( You can see that box and review Here ) Lip Factory is an exclusive, affordable makeup subscription service. They provide the easiest and most economical way to explore new makeup brands you have always wanted to try. They deliver new brands and color palettes to your door each month. Although your kit may include a full face of makeup products, their focus is on your lips...Hence the name! Every month they feature a curated look and include products to help you achieve that look as well as detailed instructions and tutorials. The December box was filled with some of their favorite products from that year but this box will show you more of what a typical monthly box consist of.  Now, that I have given you all a recap...lets move on to the review!

    ***Sorry for the quality of this photo...the lighting was way off! )

The Box: Lip Factory

The Products: up to 10 of your favorite deluxe and full size makeup samples delivered monthly

The Cost: $22 monthly including shipping

This is the look for January. The perfect brows. Besides the products included in this kit to help you achieve this look, the card is also included with instructions on how to achieve this look as well as tutorials on their site.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Kit- Full Size! Value- $6

Designer Skin Must Have Lip Shimmer- Full Size! Value- $9.99

I love both of these items! I really love that they included a brow kit...Nobody does that! Not only did they do this but they also made sure it was customized to your needs. I am a blonde and they sent me the kit for a blonde. After receiving so many other boxes from other companies with products that I have had to giveaway because they sent everyone the same colors, regardless of what they needed, It is very refreshing and awesome to have one that actually cares that their customers are able to use the products they send! This lip gloss is awesome! I have never tried it before but I love it! It has the same kind of applicator as the Stila Lip Glaze, which I really like a lot!

elf Eye Brow Stencil Kit- Full Size! Value- $1

Brow comb + Brush - Value- $3

I love that they include all the items needed to completely do your brows. I have never tried eyebrow stencils before so I am really looking forward to playing around with these and Love that they included this brow brush and comb. In order to really achieve a polished, professional look...You need the right tools!

Onsen Cuticle Conditioner - Full Size!! Value- $16.95

Cult Nails- ( color- Annalicious)  Full Size! Value- $12

I am in LOVE with this cuticle conditioner!! I had never tried this before and this is definitely going at the top of my list for favorite products of 2013!! My cuticles have never looked so good...Love it! The Cult nail polish is awesome! The Lip Factory again has impressed me with the color. This is part of a new collection and is a limited edition color! As most of you know, Some boxes tend to put in a lot of discontinued colors and/or colors nobody would ever wear but NOT Lip Factory. They always include top shelf, best selling or limited edition colors...I really wish these other "Beauty Boxes" would take a clue from Lip Factory ...they never cease to amaze me!

Naked Advanced Skin Cream- Travel Size- Value- $10

I have never heard of this brand but I really like it so far and I have read some really great reviews on it. It's all natural, so none of those harmful chemicals to clog up your pores and it smells really good too! I love learning about new brands!

Senna Lip Picks Mini Lip Lacquer - Value- $8

Two Lips-Lip Gloss- Full Size! Value- $6.50

I love the Senna Gloss, It's the perfect a metallic golden peach, very pretty! I really like the two Lips-lip gloss, as well. The color I received Is frosting which is really awesome worn over your favorite lipstick or worn alone.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel- Value ?

Dermalogica Sheer Tint- Value ?

Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes- (2) Value ?

I am familiar with the Dermalogica brand. They make some amazing products. This is the first time I tried either or these and I really like them but I figured I would because I really like all their products I have tried. The cosmetic Sanitizer wipes are really cool. I really liked them and  would love to purchase a full box of them. These 3 products are very difficult to try and put a value on.

Verdict: This box cost $22 and I received $ 73.44 worth of products. The cost vs value of this box is incredible! They include a lot of Full size items and very, very few foil samples. They also have a good mix of products, which I really like! I love that they feature a certain look every month and include the products that you need to achieve that look as well as the instructions and tutorials, not to mention the fact that they customize the color's to your personal needs, like with the NYX Brow kit. To be honest I can't think of 1 negative thing to say about this box. On top of all that, their customer service is stellar! What more could you want? This is what a sample box is suppose to be, Not a box with a few random foil packets or colors that nobody would be caught dead wearing....The purpose is to receive products that you can try out, fall in love with and buy! Lip Factory seems to be one of the very few that actually understands this. Everyone else needs to stand up and take notice...This is what we want! This is what a monthly beauty box should be and this is the kind of customer service that people want and deserve! Lip Factory figured it out, why can't the others? All I can say is keep up the good work Lip Factory and if you want a monthly box that is filled with full size and deluxe size beauty products, delivered to your door every month, that you will fall in love with... at a value that is double or triple + the cost...then this is the one you need! If your ready to sign up and start getting your own makeup filled boxes...Click Here

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So girls...What do you think about this box? Are you ready to sign up? Which product would you be most excited to get? Let me know!

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  1. I may have to try this one. I'm impressed! I like ALL of that stuff, most subscriptions toss in a couple things that are trash can worthy :) I really like the eyebrow kit & stencils. I hope to hear what you think about them soon, I'm thinking I wanna try stencils myself!