Friday, January 18, 2013

Birchbox Review- January 2013- Monthly Women's Beauty and Lifestyle Box

The Box: Birchbox

The Products: 5-6 deluxe and full size beauty and lifestyle samples delivered every month

The Cost: $10 ( includes shipping)

The Balm "Put a Lid on it" Eye lid primer- 3.7 ml- Value- $5.62

Alessandro Nail Polish- .17 oz- Value- $6

This was 2 of the samples I was hoping for so I was very happy to see these in my box. There was several people bitching about the size of  The Balm sample ( they seem to complain about everything) but this was a good sample size at over 1/3 the full size. A little goes a long way with this so it will last a while. I loved the result of this product as well. It's not greasy, like some can tend to be and my eye shadow lasted all day and there was no creasing, I will be buying a full size tube of this! With this you could use a cheaper eye shadow and still get the results of a more expensive one so it could actually save you money there. The nail polish I also like alot. This is a new brand for me and I do really like it, however I do wish they would've sent me a different color as this is the 3rd blue polish I have received in a birchbox. but It is a nice blue and a different shade from the others.

Harvey Prince Perfume in Skinny Chic- Value- $2

Ojon Hair Elixir- Value- $1

I was happy to see both of these products. I love Harvey Prince perfumes. I have received about 4 different scents in past Birchboxes and have really loved them all and this was no exception! He has mastered the art! I have been wanting to try the Ojon hair elixir. I do wish this would've been bigger, more of a "deluxe size" but a little goes a long way so I will get several uses out of this, more than enough to tell if I like it.

Lotus Face Cream - (2 pks) each @ 2 ml- Value- $3.36

I typically hate to get these small packets in my boxes but I have been wanting to try this and Birchbox did listen to customer complaints because they have been including 2 of this type of samples in the boxes, as one is not enough product to really test out. I haven't tried this one yet but I am looking forward to trying it.

Verdict: I paid $10 and received $17.98 worth of products plus will get $5 in the Birchbox shop when I review these products, so it's like I really only paid $5 for the box. I typically like the value to be a little more and when compared against other beauty boxes Birchbox, seems to be lacking. I have been torn with Birchbox for a few months but I am not ready to call it quits. I did receive 4 of the products I was hoping for, I think this box would've seemed more complete for me if there had been a full size product added. Like a lip gloss, eye liner, mascara etc..even a lip balm. It would not have to be expensive. One thing with Birchbox is they have about 40 or so different boxes so there is a lot of "Box envy" I think it would better if everyone got the same boxes, then some wouldn't feel as though they got the shaft. I don't know, I have been with Birchbox the longest and they have given me a lot more awesome boxes than not so awesome ones. The last several boxes have been some what disappointing compared to what Birchbox use to put out so I am hoping that they step up their game for 2013 because there are many boxes taking over their 1st place standing in the subscription world!

So, what do you guys think of this one? What did you get in your Birchbox? Come on...time to dish!

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  1. I was a bit disappointed in that box! I have seen other box reviews that you have done with a lot better goodies than that, but for $10 its not bad and plus you get $5 birchbox bux. But I agree with you they need to step up their game!!!